Snex8x emulator now available for Windows 8

Microsoft approved submission of Snes8X -an SNES emulator- into its Windows 8/RT app store. Snex8X is based on the popular Snes9X, with games controllable using keyboard input or virtual touch controls, and available gratis to Windows 8 and Surface users.

Supported architectures: x86, x64, ARM (Windows RT)
Get it from the store


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New PCSX2 0.9.7 beta (r3878)!

Hey people,
today we make the second 0.9.7 beta release available: PCSX2 0.9.7 (r3878)!

The 0.9.7 series is marked as unstable/beta, meaning it still has some known bugs
and unimplemented features but it is fully supported by the PCSX2 team.
We’ve spent the last months on various aspects of the emulator, adding to the awesome progress seen in beta 1.
This release has been compiled with extensive optimizations, so you can expect a small speedup over r3113 Smile

Here’s some of the changes:

* Gui work: threading, layout and stability have been improved.
* Some of the reported .ini writing issues should be fixed now.
* Game database: bug fixes, more entries, compatibility hints for pcsx2.
* Automated patching enabled now: known fixes/settings for some games can be enabled automatically.
* Emulation fixes to microVU.
* VIF/GIF work: Slightly faster and more compatible.
* Much work on GIFPath ordering issues. many games with previously flickering textures should work better.
* IPU retooled and optimized: A bit faster, a bit more compatible and much more sane (no more coroutines).
* Removed hazardous MMX/XMMregister freeze/restore. Speedup and stability is improved.
* Savestates are now free of memory leaks.
* Disk swapping works on a few games now (not all yet though).
* New “fast CDVD” speedhack. Load levels as fast as possible!
* Console logging is now configurable to be as verbose as in developer builds.
* Commandline support.
* A lot of other small tweaks and additions.

We again provide 3 versions. A full installer, a web installer and a binary package.

Full installer [12.0mb]: Round Robin Download
Web installer [2.87mb]: Round Robin Download
Binaries [2.92mb / 7zip]: Round Robin Download

(NOTE: Full installer includes Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables, which is ideal for offline installs of PCSX2. Web installer optionally fetches the Redists from Microsoft.com, if your computer doesn’t already have them installed.)

Linux binary:
Round Robin Download
There’s also a launchpad version for Debian / Ubuntu x86 available here.

Archive [6.82mb / 7zip]: Round Robin Download


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iDeaS beta for Windows released!

* Fixed bug in Main Memory Management.
* Fixed bug in DMA channels with Card Memory.
* Fixed bug in AUXSPICNT register.
* Fixed bug in Gamecard bus 8-byte Command Out register.
* Fixed bug in ALU opcodes for both CPUs.
* Added some speed at the emulation.


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bsnes WIP: Super Game Boy: Take Two

Originally Posted by byuu

For those who donít remember, I implemented Super Game Boy support soon after v045 was released, but I was never able to complete it due to a lack of understanding how the $7800 register worked. I abandoned this support because it required building all of gambatte inside bsnes. That isnít a bad thing at all, gambatte is a great emulator. The problem was more all of that extra code and complexity for something that didnít really work.

But weíll never fix the $7800 problem if we donít have a codebase to work on it with. So taking from the new dynamic library support with snesreader and snesfilter, Iíve built libgambatte into a library, and simply link in a dozen or so API calls to it.

So far, I have non-SGB games working again, without sound output, and with the usual $7800 synchronization issues. I donít expect to solve this problem, but at the very least, itís a launching point for future progress.


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RetroCopy v0.100b Released

RetroCopy : Accurate emulator for the Nintendo and Master System

RetroCopy is an attempt to emulate the Sega Master System and Nintendo Entertainment System at the cycle level. I believe it is the first attempt at a fully cycle accurate Master System emulator.

It also includes a custom OpenGL powered 3D interface which shows things like the gameboxes. It is currently only available for Windows, with 32bit and 64bit versions available. You can download it at the above website.


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